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Let my art surround you, watch and enjoy!

By |27th August 2019|

Acrylic and Mixed Media, Title: ‘Ticket to birth Number 2 / untitled Marianne’, 60x 50 cm, 5. July 2019, Artist Sige Nagels. This artwork is made of acrylic paint, marker, fabric, rubber, tape, crayon, aquarelle, painted on a Claessens fabric, 90mm framed with art glass. To visit at till the 31st [...]

Are you awake? Last week of the exhibition started!

By |26th August 2019|

Hi, art lover! Are you awake? You better are! Get up! It's the last week of my first solo show ever. Time to visit and buy before a part of my artwork moves back to Switzerland. Yes, they do! The exhibition is called: NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS. FOR REAL. [...]

Video made in painter’s atelier

By |20th August 2019|

Proud sharing you this video from a specific process of one painting I made in Zürich, 🇨🇭Switzerland, shown in Antwerp, 🇧🇪 Belgium, right now. Called 'Freedom for me', 35x 45cm, made by me, July 2019. I make strong colored abstract paintings about freedom. Freedom on several levels. This painting is [...]

Freedom at the wall

By |15th August 2019|

Proud sharing you another process picture of a painting I made in Zürich, Switzerland, shown in Antwerp,  Belgium, right now. I paint about freedom. Freedom on several levels. The finished version of this piece, 35x 45cm, is called 'Freedom for me'. It's called this way because of the several approaches [...]

I am ready for the 3rd Artist’s Table. Are you?

By |7th August 2019|

One impression of the second Artist's Table on Friday the 2nd of August 2019. Art connects! Art brings reflection. Art insists on exchange. It's very nice to hear your insights you have upon my artworks. Thank you for sharing, not the least of which your time! Grateful to experience the [...]

Talking about art looks like this…

By |2nd August 2019|

This morning I received a message saying: " Talking about art looks like this... That passion was magical." The exchange, the energy, the questions, the food, the company, ... it was wonderful! Art brings people together and it always will. I am grateful, proud and want to say out [...]

New beginnings

By |18th July 2019|

"Every time you go into nature, you'll find something you didn't expect to see. Well, every time you paint, you'll find something you didn't expect to happen." Sige Nagels I profoundly like it to trust new beginnings! You do as well? I'm painting my last painting for my solo show [...]

Do you know what ‘mixed media’ in the arts stands for?

By |16th April 2019|

 What is mixed media? For many people it is often unclear what the term mixed media stands for. For painting it means that a painter incorporates more than one medium in his or her painting. In this painting I use acrylic paint, paper, tape, spray paint, markers and [...]

Movie of today to share you a work still in progress

By |20th February 2019|

Hi, nice to share you my artwork in progress! I made this movie today to share you this process. Do switch on the microphone for full experience. This is the music playing in my atelier right now. Enjoy! Yesterday you could see a picture on my Insta [...]

Dromen najagen 5/5: katalysatoren, baby!

By |5th February 2019|

Dromen najagen: deel 5. Het laatste deel. Hoog tijd om jou te laten zien hoe ik dat doe. Ik neem je mee in mijn atelier. Je ziet me aan het werk. Ik toon jou de voornaamste hulpbronnen die ik gebruik als ondernemend kunstenaar. Het zijn “mijn katalysatoren”. Sige [...]

Dromen najagen 4/5: Practice what you preach

By |30th January 2019|

Dromen najagen deel 4 van 5: practice what you preach!   Ja, hoe zit dat nu weer met mensen die hun dromen najagen? Het brengt veel teweeg met een mens om je dagelijks leven zo in te richten dat je vorm kan geven aan dat wat je het allerliefste [...]

Dromen najagen 3/5: Morele verplichting

By |17th January 2019|

Hoe zit dat nu met mensen die hun dromen najagen? Hier is ie: deel 3 van 5! Omdat ik het mijn morele verplichting vind! Hé, wablief? Maar al te graag wil ik onze drie dochters tonen hoe je goed voor jezelf zorgt en hoe je jezelf ondersteunt door wat je [...]

Dromen najagen 2/5: dromen omzetten in realiteit

By |14th January 2019|

Hoe zit dat nu met mensen die hun dromen najagen? Hier is ie: deel 2 van 5! Na jaren voeten in de aarde, sprong ik dus voor mijn passie. Ik schilderde meer als ooit tevoren. Heel gauw lag er een mega uitdaging op de loer: het combineren van reeds lopende [...]

Dromen najagen 1/5: Sprong

By |9th January 2019|

  Hoe zit dat toch met mensen die hun droom najagen? Ik wil jullie graag mijn ervaring delen hoe ik heb beslist om zelf mijn droom na te jagen. Ik neem jullie daarom mee naar een belangrijke momentopname uit juni 2016. Zijn jullie klaar? Want we stijgen op zonder wachttijd. [...]


By |25th June 2018|

Hi, I am very proud to be chosen as an ‘object’ by a friend! Look at this: Künstlerin aus Leidenschaft By clicking this link you read a blogpost from an artist about me as an artist. Birgit Mantek asked me to cooperate for her final examination for her Professional [...]

No advice required for the young at heart

By |1st June 2018|

I believe in the future. The future of our world will be better than the day before today. I believe this will be the case. There is this world wide web to learn from another, to inspire each other, to show good and bad. We engage. We know [...]

Take a rest, sleep tight.

By |20th June 2015|

Chosen for an earning living a creative life? Or freshly decided to go for a life as a creative entrepreneur? You tend to have lack of sleep. You tend to have lack of knowledge also. At that time I wasn't aware of a description ' creative entrepreneur' was [...]


By |9th January 2012|

Voorbije dinsdagavond is mijn nonkel Reto gestorven. Ik ben er het hart van in. De grote tranenmassa is nog niet gekomen, maar ik vind het intriest. Diep intriest. Een man, 58 jaar. De jongste broer van mijn moeder. De jongste in een rij van 6 kinderen van onze [...]

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