Throwback to a sunny day in June 2017. Yes, painting in the living room has been a reality to me. 

I would like to share this video with you. If you sign up with your email address, you get access to this part of my private life sharing you a glimpse.

This is our former living room. You see the closet of my grandparents on the right, you see painting brushes in cups on top of it, you see the closet with the fabric of the birds and the knight decorations from our children on top of it. You can somehow sense the way we live. I am still very happy this fabric in the lids was put together like the original fabric pattern, while I was breastfeeding our youngest on a hot summer day, by people who will always be dear to me.

You see the door from the balcony is open, the two open cupboard lids kept my most important artist sketching books and drafts safe over there, you hear the music I was listening to, I am painting and sometimes I sing along. Beautiful is as well: you hear the children play in the background.

At the right, left from the brown closet, you see a smaller painting 60x40cm. This was my first sold painting ever. I liked it myself, especially the color palette and the technique I used to overlay color over color. So here I am making a new and taller version of my first sold painting ever. Acknowledging and spending last hours with this ‘acrylic baby’ before bringing it personally over to my first customer, accompanied by a tiny letter and the bill on carbon paper.

Oh, yes, above that first sold a painting you find a smaller painting hanging on the wall. This painting measures 30×30 cm, called ‘The outburst’. This was my first painting as an insecure first sign somehow willing to become a true painter. This was still made in Antwerp in Belgium in 2011. At the left corner above that painting, you see a postcard. You probably need good eyes to notice this, while this card shows a painting from Marc Chagall, called the Blue House. The house, where we lived in Antwerp, had blue painted wooden parts at the entrance door and at the garage door. At that time that house was therefore called ‘the blue house’ by our oldest daughter.

Yes, all tiny stories. I love it! Just as in living anywhere else, everything is connected. This is why I believe, sharing stories is very important. It’s very empowering to watch your own stories inspiring others, to making connections to the rest of the world. Hi there! Therefore they need to be told and shared with my followers. Yes, with you!

The song you hear is from the female singer ‘Nico’ with the song ‘You forget to answer’ from the album ‘ The End’. All rights are owned by the musicians and label.

Shortly after taking this video, painting happens in an atelier since then, August 2017. It is still small and good to serve well. Of course, I would like to paint in a proper large painting studio. Every artist’s dream! As you can read in the blog post ‘ following my dreams’ blog post 2 / 5, you can read why an atelier is very important in the life of an artist.

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“Making art, creating things is my contribution to this ongoing debate of freedom”,

Sige Nagels, Visual Artist


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