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Sige in atelier – S. Nagels Fotografie
Sige painting 2019 – B. Mantek Fotografie
Sige connecting 2019 – T. Mertens Fotografie
Sige – Integrating your mind to your future – S. Nagels
Sige traveling – S. Nagels

FOR ART LOVERS: Are you committed to invest in your own well-being by making a stand for what you value in this world? Is ART your dada? Reach out through the form and let’s lift your heart & home with my bold art!

FOR SELF-ACTUALIZATION: Are you persistent & ready to take action to become who you truly are? Are you ready to invest in between $500 and &7500 in YOUR SELF? Then I am more than thrilled to show YOU how you OWN YOUR DESTINY and live your freedom. DM me on Instagram typing the letters: ‘OYD’ Here you send me OYD on Instagram messenger.

ART RENTERS: My artwork can be rented for your space!

ART ADVISORS & COLLECTORS: I actively seek collaborations and/or commissions! Please reach out to me.

GREEN CITY DESIGN: Given city design, I create executable phases with you, privately and/or publicly, based on the principles of NARCHITEKTUR & based on my personal experience of leading construction sites! Reach out!

SUSTAINABLE EVENTS: I speak at your event about ‘NARCHITEKTUR’and ‘how to create less heating during summer’.

SOUL: I speak at your event about self-actualization and ‘how to become who you truly are’.

OWN YOUR DESTINY Here you send me OYD on Instagram messenger.

Schedule a studio visit.

ART: I engage with bold art lovers, art advisors, and/or galleries. Is that you? Reach out to me, please. Looking forward to connecting!

ART My art guides you to become free and to become who you truly are because you are offered bold creative expressions of freedom and your SOUL’S true calling. Here.

What does art do to you? How did you get passionate about art? How does art speak to you?

Does art give you wings to flow? Do you expand your senses and being because of art? Then we have something major in common.

Be welcome!

“My artworks are a desired creative expression of freedom and a soul’s true calling”

Sige Nagels