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Sige painting – B. Mantek Fotografie
Sige producing – B. Mantek Fotografie
Sige – connecting – T. Mertens Fotografie

Inspired? Interested to buy local art? Interested to invest in your own well-being by making a stand for what you value in this world? Looking to redecorate?

Yes, I am open to collabs! Commissioned artwork? For sure.

Interested in booking me for a talk about Narchitektur? Absolutely!

Attend my ‘gifts of grief’ course? A personal painting dive?

Looking forward to getting connected!

Call me at +41 78 944 77 30 

Write me via Signal/ mail@sigenagels.com/ SMS/ ask for a studio visit.

I welcome art collectors and first-time buyers!

I engage with bold art consultants, artists, and/or galleries. Is that you?

What does art to you? How did you get passionate about art? How does art speak to you?