“Ask yourself: What do I really, really want?”

Are you Yearning For Change? I help you get very Clear on Your Soul’s Calling & how to Live Your Freedom, so you can Embrace Your True Self

Are you ready to become the YOU 2.0?

Have you ever experienced that your mind plays tricks on you when you want change?

Have you ever felt that you are held back from taking productive actions?

Sige ’23 – Picture by Abhi Indrarajan

Benefits of your free 45 min. consultation call with Sige:

  • Clarity on your goals & what holds you back
  • Step-by-step plan to fulfill your goals & become the YOU 2.0
  • Any Step of the OYD Model
  • Clarity for you and I that I can help you to OWN YOUR DESTINY
Sige Nagels 2023 – Credits picture by Abhi Indrarajan


You may already know me as a stunning visual artist? Or as the visionary of green city design for Zurich? Yes, with my expressive work, I started to open people’s hearts to Choose Themselves, step into Freedom & connect them to Their Intuition.

Though my passion was clear, I was allowing my mind to take me out of the game with Imposter Syndrome, procrastination, playing small & holding myself back in my business. There was so much potential I was not tapping into.

In 2021 I invested in life-changing teachings myself. I received laser CLARITY. I was taught how to achieve personal freedom on any level & go for it for 300%.

Afterward, I knew I had to help people implement this knowledge for themselves first, then for their children and loved ones. I understood why shelf-help satys shelf-help.”


Don’t you agree that once you deeply yearn for change, you temporarily need some direction, guidance, a mentor offering practical tools, a safe space to grow & accountability, so you do the work?

That’s why I am here for you so you learn how to guide yourself through any transformation and GROW through change while you GO through change.

You are innately worth it! I help you to live Your Freedom!

All I want for you now is, how can you listen to the Voice of Your Soul, so you can act accordingly & start living That Calling.

I guide you on how to implement this knowledge effectively & permanently!

It is NOT your fault how you were raised, yet it IS our responsibility to change what has not been working so far, so you can Own Your Destiny!

“You can’t expect life to change if you are not open to reflecting your opinions about yourself.” Sige

“If I want to be free, I’ve gotta be me. Not the me I think you think I should be. Not the me I think my wife thinks I should be. Not the me I think my kids think I should be. But if I want to be free, I’ve gotta be me. So I’d better know who me is.”

Bob Proctor

What does it mean to OWN YOUR DESTINY?

Are you willing to put time & effort into stopping
your mind from taking you out of the game?
Are you ready to live YOUR PERSONAL FREEDOM NOW
without losing more years?

Are you …

  • Longing to live your life aligned with your purpose?
  • Longing to get very clear what actually your purpose is?
  • Staking your hopes for success by trying harder?
  • Judging yourself for not always being this high-vibrating spiritual container?
  • Feeling clueless about how to turn specific things around and take proper action?
  • Disabling your abilities by self-doubts and worries?
  • Experiencing that you burn out your relationships and/or your business?
  • Resisting because you feel anxious? Do you sometimes think it is better to be safe than sorry?
  • Defining your fabulous dreams based on what happened in the past?
  • Do you think you have to be or have something in particular before you start working with your purpose?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the people, love, success, and/or money in front of you?
  • Unable to let go of things or people that are not contributing to your harmony?
  • Deeply desiring to go from A to B but don’t know how or where to start?
  • Afraid to make mistakes & keen to create new experiences, yet you seem to be running in circles?
  • Are small voices and limiting internal dialogues taking you out of the game?
  • Are you hard on yourself, frustrated, and simply missing the fun that once was there?
  • Feeling stuck or tied by what happens around you?
  • Not knowing what to do with yourself?
  • Sometimes even thinking there must be something wrong with you? (The answer is definitely no)
  • Are you looking for valuable ways to earn money & give form to your Soul’s Longing?
  • Feeling like you leave family/ friends ‘behind’ when you would choose to live your life aligned with your Soul?
  • Looking for a supportive environment that cheers for you living Your Soul’s Calling?
  • Reacting instead of responding to unforeseen situations?
  • Afraid to Show and Own Your True Self?
  • Resisting to use your voice out of fear of being rejected?

You are here for a reason!

Learn for the rest of your life how to OWN YOUR precious DESTINY!

Sige guides you intensively on HOW to …

  • Tap into your true potential and unlock abilities
  • Know how to stop revisiting your past and detach to let go
  • Become who you are and transform your paradigm
  • Follow a working solution to your desired outcomes 
  • Study yourself so you know get to understand yourself
  • Redefine boundaries of individual accomplishment
  • Observe your inner emotional state, old beliefs and habituated thinking
  • Commit and get you moving towards your solution steadily
  • Enhance your capabilities to own your self-realization any given moment in time
  • Bring long-lasting balance into your life
  • Get you the success you deserve
  • Move with impact and leadership
  • Finally, expand into a new comfort zone to the person you feel to be inside of you
  • Practically overcome your fears, worries, and doubts
  • Step into embodiment

What happens once you step into this process? Warranty: no drifting anymore!

  • You are going to love the version of who you become over a period of 6 months and after
  • You have life-long access to the material to stay indestructable
  • You become aware of who you truly are and what you truly desire
  • You clarify your identity and you understand yourself and your behavior very well
  • You are self-determined and increase your personal development and growth constantly
  • You understand this is lifelong learning, and with repetition you better
  • You take some time each day to study you and act upon easy & effective exercises
  • You are investing in your well-being by prioritizing your growth towards the desired self-image
  • You are overcoming past versions and closing generational family patterns of poverty, of expectations,…
  • You are sleeping well and tapping in unknown reservoirs of energy
  • Purposely and impactful you head to your desired outcome on the area of your relationships, health, business, money, location and purpose
  • You, your environment & family are leveraged from your positive transformation
  • You turn gradually into the you that you’ve always known and felt inside of you
  • The more time you invest, the more you become your True Self
  • You and others see yourself taking different & positive actions at personal & business levels
  • Your attitude shifts to the magic inside of you
  • You compound your effectiveness. Read that again!
  • You embody self-improvement
  • You develop new ways of thinking and the ability to implement new practical steps in your life
  • You feel you can go beyond your own fear and former self-image
  • You know you are not your thoughts & you shift into your true self-identity This is astonishingly beautiful!
  • You are present while experiences with your beloved ones take place
  • You turn lighthearted, positive, joyful, grateful and powerful
  • You learn how to fulfill your needs from your inside out
  • You approach life from power over force
  • With repetition you render old information useless, of course also relating to earning money

“If you’re not tapping into who you are, the rest of what is out there is not gonna help you. Now I know what to do.” Rose N.


Reread. I’m possible.

How many years did you let slip through your fingers to get help & direction?

This is the BEST there has been on the market since 1937 for:

. self-realization

. transforming paradigms, and

. creating permanent change

If you are like me, and I’m not like most people, I knew something had to change. The true reason was not my circumstances, my relationships, or my situations, … I did not know that at that time. I thought it was until I discovered this.

These were just a reflection of how I was thinking, and feeling about me and my life. Of how I was told to live.

Can you be honest enough to tell yourself that things have to change? Can you?

Perhaps for a long time, you also thought it was your circumstances, your relationship or your boss who held you back?

Perhaps you didn’t know what to do or where to go with yourself?

Perhaps you grew sick and tired of the hit-and-miss, even though you reinvented yourself multiple times?

In some areas, you kept on ending with less success than you felt you were actually able to achieve.

Understanding your self with the help of self-determining & self-regulating tools brings wisdom, calmness, effectiveness, and knowing.

You experiencing this is just a matter of being taught how to become effective.

Therefore, be absolutely sure you too will be revealed upon your sovereignty. That is yours.

You are here!!! You’re at the source to OWN YOUR DESTINY!

The sooner you commit, the longer you get to live your desired life and live your freedom.

Everyone has bad days, but too many bad days turn us into a prolonged emotional state we are unaware of. This emotional state modifies you into an identity that doesn’t seem to match the real you on your inside.

The fantastic news is you too can shift your identity once and for all. You’ve got this.

With the belief I have in you, you can start shifting your identity until you found this belief in yourself too after results start showing.

“I feel so alone with my thoughts and my feelings…”

You are not alone! Your journey is truly EASIER when you are guided in a safe space

“What about the time I need to achieve my desired outcomes?”

Most people think that the solution to their problem must take the same amount of time it took to create and/or experience it. I am here to tell you: that’s not true! It doesn’t take so long to make a change if you know HOW

Compassionately I guide you through OWN YOUR DESTINY, so you are sovereign. If I can do this, you can do this too!

“Your potential deserves so much more respect than your self-doubts” Sige

Be grateful to be on this trail to get to use your gift. Change is great, and so is Being challenged. Life is never going to be the same anymore!

You will truly LOVE your life once you know how to reach & use your innate capacity and capabilities !!!

Ask yourself these two questions:

1: Am I able to?
2: Am I willing to?

Tell yourself: ‘Yes, I am able to! Yes, I am willing to!

Two questions that will change the tide. Is resistance showing up? Great. You learn how to deal with feelings of resistance!

Understand, that we are not taught to make decisions. Either you’re taking decisions naturally or you are taught to do so. I invite you to learn how to make decisions without your mind taking you out of the game.

You too have got this! Winners run over the finish line!

This is NOT for you when you …

  • Are not open-minded to grow your understanding of who you are
  • Don’t want to invest time investigating outdated beliefs & restraining behaviors
  • Want to earn 100k or much more but don’t want to invest in yourself
  • Prefer your daily freedom as a couch potato to watch videos or the news instead
  • Keep yourself small to restrain attached to how your family, friends, partner, or environment identify you
  • Don’t open yourself to succeeding by a proven record based on personal development since 1937
  • Are not coachable and do not accept new ideas while overthinking became your identity
  • Prefer to complain & moan over situations, people & circumstances with people in your environment
  • Are okay to be better safe than sorry

OWN YOUR DESTINY so you live Your Personal Freedom


grow into Who You Truly Are Inside Of You

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Who is Sige?

I am excited for you to be here, let me introduce myself.

My name is Sige, I am a facilitator, an artist, a visionary, a change maker, and an NFT Investor.

Some more facts:

  • Serving People To Experience True Freedom For Over 10 Years
  • Renowned Artist & Designer 
  • Mentors Women Yearning For Change To Own Their Destiny
  • Creator & Designer Of NARCHITEKTUR (Model Of Best Practice For Green Sustainable City Design)
  • Co-Founder Of Voluntary Organization ZHarity (Provides Support To Vulnerable Communities) 
  • Led Construction Sites To €9M
  • Multiple Marathon Runner, Traveler

🎯As an architect of life, you and I cornerstone watertight perspectives into your deeply cherished results to own your destiny and live your true freedom.

For those of you who love to read more, I’ve got you covered:

Sige Nagels (°Antwerp, Belgium) graduated as an engineer-architect and had a promising career in the construction sector for many years. As a project manager, she ran construction sites worth almost 10 million – and she did well. But what seemed like a success story for the outside world didn’t feel like a success for Sige.

A move to Zurich – and a welcome leave to have her three children combined with integration living abroad – initially brought Sige peace of mind. After some time, having put the care for her family front and centre, co-founding a volunteering organisation in Zürich, being part of the board of a local Verein and training for marathons, she embarked on something that meant the world to her, by deciding to be a visual artist.

A creative mission that had been hiding under her skin for a long time made its way to the surface, during Zurich Manifesta, the biggest art exhibition. She devoted herself to painting in the only way Sige knew: with 100% pure dedication.

“In order to be free, I’ve got to be me”.

Following burnout, Sige became interested in personal development, an avid learner and creator of her vision. Setting her dreams in motion and seeing the results manifest fulfilled a deep desire to see others create the same for themselves.

So, ask yourself what do you really, really want?

You CAN become who you always dreamed you could be. You have to create that identity first. We can have complete trust in our abilities, lean into our intuition with willpower, and act confidently.

Are you ready to step away from your old patterns of self? To live a life, so far you have only dreamed of? Does that sound the same as your Soul’s Calling?

Get ready to meet yourself, maybe for the first time truly, and learn who you truly are with my loving kick-in-butt guidance.

With implemetation of knowledge, you tackle old behavioural patterns and steer your life circumstances from a place of clarity inside yourself.

From the power inside of yourself to the outside you grow.

Once considered significant challenges are much more easily surmountable, and your personal freedom is sculped by you along your journey.

“Only from a powerful connection from your inside you can root powerfully to the outside.” Sige

I am here to guide you when you’re ready to take this step and decided to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

It’s time to fall deeply in love with who you are inside of you and with your life!

I am here to help you become you. Fabulous isn’t it?

This facilitating is only about you, who you truly are & how to reveal to achieve your outcomes.

What is Sige’s life-changing direction about?

Bob Proctor partnered with Sandy Gallagher in PGI, The Proctor Gallagher Institute. Sige is trained by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher on transforming Paradigms. This is the best material in the self-development area showing a proven record that goes back to life transformational teachings for millions by Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill & Andrew Carnegie. Because you learn to work with what is dominant, it is extremely effective. This is exactly what Sige is trained for & guides you through. Reach out when you are open to being trained to live your life the way only YOU can imagine for your SELF!

Leave your questions here!

Fantastic! Write your question the contact form and Sige will get back to you!

Sige is here to help you become the NEW YOU. Fabulous isn’t it?

This facilitating is about you, who you truly are & how to reveal to achieve your dreams & outcomes.

OWN YOUR DESTINY is NOT for you if you:

° Don’t want to understand who you are

° Don’t want to gain laser clarity about what you want for yourself in your life

° Don’t want to develop refreshing ways of thinking & behaving

° Don’t want to learn how to take indestructible practical & effective steps in your life

° Don’t want to experience how to move unstoppably ahead beyond your fears

° Don’t need clarity & simplicity for new ways of looking at yourself

° Don’t need to receive your blueprint for experiencing your deepest desires & vision

Are you ready to become the NEW YOU? In all its glory?

This is about you, who you truly are & how to become that thriving version of YOU living time & money freedom!

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Sige Nagels 2023 – Credits picture by Abhi Indrarajan