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  • Upcoming group show:

    23-28 July 2019, Pop-Up Gallery ‘You are gold’, Kathleen Steegmans, Kloosterstraat 167, Antwerp, BE

    All details over here! Looking forward to meeting and talking with you there. Check the Meet&Greet!

  • Upcoming solo show:

    Nothing is what it seems. For real.

    Exhibition Sige Nagels, Antwerp, Belgium

    The only thing we know for sure is that we cannot know anything for sure.

    And that if you peek in from the outside, you never really know what is going on in front of your eyes.

    Is it a restaurant? Or an exhibition space?

    Dinner with friends? Or an exhibition?

    Do we see a housewife? A project manager? Or an artist?

    Artist Sige Nagels (°1977) traded her job as project manager of prestigious construction sites for a set of paint brushes and acrylic paint.

    Today she returns to her Antwerp roots to share her work with the world. At the foot of the Cathedral, her abstract creations meet concrete reality.

    Free and unconditioned, Sige dares to move just as she is. Come and taste this freedom in Sige’s work.

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    Thursday, 1st of August, 7pm
    Friday, 2nd of August,7pm
    Saturday, 3rd of August,7pm
    MO-TU-THU-FRI: 6pm – +/-10pm
    SAT-SUN: 6pm – +/-10.5pm
    Restaurant De Rosenobel: 3 x healthy in mind, body and space.
    Fresh vegetarian/vegan Buffet.

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