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IN THE SPOTLIGHT with SIGE NAGELS, Visual Artist & Change Maker

⭐️ IN THE SPOTLIGHT ⭐️ with Sige Nagels, Visual Artist & Change-Maker

Engineer-architect, mother, co-founder of a charitable organisation, marathon runner, stunning visual artist and changemaker are just some ways you could describe Sige Nagels. All would be true, except when you meet Sige, none seem quite to fit because apart from all of these things, Sige is simply luminous. Her profound creativity pours out from every word and excited gesture; her spark is contagious. 

This multi-passionate entrepreneur has more recently been pouring her time and seemingly endless energy into helping others achieve their goals and aspirations. Utilising the tools available to her throughout her own reinvention, she knew that she could help others do the same, and it’s of no surprise to me that she had become a truly incredible and sought after personal development coach. Read all about Sige and her inspirational journey here:

Read the full Q & A about Sige and her inspirational journey unrestricted over here.

Get to know Tricia Scott of the Female CEO and the Magazine: Evolve. Create Overcome Tricia did a terrific job asking Sige Nagels exciting questions. The result is this extremely inspiring Q & A.Enjoy the read (5 minutes).

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