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PLENARY TALK: Narchitektur für Zürich – Slides: why, how.

Here you can scroll through my slides of a first plenary I held on the 5th of November 2020 in Zürich 8001, St. Annagasse 11. Below the slides you can find more information.

What is Narchitektur? Narchitektur opens doors in your mind.

Narchitektur is applicable architectural design under the form of an art installation: Combining nature and architecture into a woven structure being integrated into the existing infrastructure of the city, yes, as the city is right now.

This way we are addressing climate change immediately. We are not destroying our beloved cities as an answer to climate change. We make them resilient, adapt them for our better future for our children.

This sustainable, architectural and natural design contains 9 locations in the heart of the city, as you could notice in the slides. We are working on a website narchitektur dot ch to have this art installation fully covered and brought to your disposal. For now, please contact me directly so I can answer your questions.

My goal is to get this art installation in front of as many people from different communities as possible. I am looking forward to discussing the possibilities of showing this body of artwork in your space eventually.

Send me a message over Signal and invite me to bring a talk to your community or ask me to send you a proposal document for the show.

I am happy to come and meet you or to have a phone call so we can discuss this further.

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