Sige Nagels - New beginnings

New beginnings

[“Every time you go into nature, you’ll find something you didn’t expect to see. Well, every time you paint, you’ll find something you didn’t expect to happen.”
Sige Nagels

I profoundly like it to trust new beginnings! You do as well?

I’m painting my last painting for my solo show starting, yes, starting a few days after taking part in the Pop up gallery in the Kloosterstraat, Antwerp.

It’s a real treasure to me having my first group show ánd my first solo show happening both this summer in Antwerp, Belgium.

My solo show _”Nothing is what it seems. For real.”_ will start on the 1st of August in restaurant the Rosenobel, Blauwmoezelstraat 2, 2000 Antwerp. The exhibition lasts till August 31st.

You want to be one of the lucky people sharing an exclusive spot at the Artist’s Table, sharing time and dinner with me and talk?

Time is now! Is this new to you, joining dinner with people you perhaps don’t know? I did it before and I assure you a fun evening you can’t predict! How about you trusting new beginnings that evening at the Artist’s Table? The food will be delicious as well!

Check your agenda. Check Thursday 1st of August, Friday 2nd of August or Saturday 3rd of August and write me a message. You’re in when you got a confirmation from me personally.

All practical info you’ll find over here.

Back to painting!

Looking forward meeting you there!


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