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Postponed launch of the fabulous ‘Own Your Destiny’ model

Hi, thank you for being here with me. This is a rather small message yet very important.

Yesterday was planned the initial launch of my fabulous model ‘Own Your Destiny’ or OYD to achieve your true potential, live your true freedom, and become who you indeed are.

The OYD model is still rad! I just had to postpone the launch date to arrival at the perfect moment. ❤️🙏🏽

Several important entities, like final tax preparation, travel and business, piled up. 

In order to maintain harmony and balance in my personal life for my clients, me, taking care of my daughters the way I do while they spend their week with me as their mum, and actually, for anyone I encounter in my daily life, I decided to postpone till a later unconfirmed date yet.

This message informs you lovingly because I truly love what I do. 

I am high on women entrepreneurs and women in a transformational period achieving their true potential and contributing rigorously with all I’ve got that these women achieve their personal prescription of living their freedom for themselves, their families, beloved ones, and their business.

This also allows me to achieve my own full potential, I am that person to myself as well.

How I love being a visual artist and a mindset coach who balances out a pure heart and mind connection in the most healthy way, to act and show up consistently and with persistence in love, compassion, and patience to what I contribute to this world.

There’s a saying: ‘Man has his plans while the universe has hers’, so I am like water my friend (thank you awesome Bruce Lee) maintaining a flow state with the schedule and its process because everything is in such beautiful evolvement!

This flow state recalls that life is about 

  • power over force
  • responding versus reacting
  • allowing versus resisting
  • creation versus disintegration

This message also inspires you to have the courage to think differently (self-encourage yourself when you are on it & doing it), have the courage to be different, & to see &hear what others don’t see or hear, & act upon that to create desired results! 

No one is here to save us or you. You truly are your own savior, being your own most valuable asset and your own worst enemy. So here is why I act as the patient, loving and compassionate person I am.

Indeed, when you see me in France next week␥␥␥: that’s legit! I am looking forward to the moment my tax forms are fully uploaded, catching up on a postponed 5 day of NFT training, and connecting with business besties in the southern French autumn sun while serving you the way I do, in full  alignment and belief that we all can achieve anything in our lives if we just decide we will and take the appropriate steps to organize ourselves physically and mentally.

Be original, be yourself.

You know when you are loved, that you are welcome. You are!

My love to all of you here and even add more while you go after what you really really desire.

That’s where your power and your why are to make you thrive the way you envision yourself deep in your heart, in your dreams, and in your most beautiful imagination bringing it to form so you can touch it.

Be grateful for how far you have already come by now and be thrilled about where you are heading.

Smile, life is a joyous adventure and you’ve got this!!


🎯 As an architect of life, you and I cornerstone watertight perspectives into your deeply cherished results to own your destiny

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