Attracted to the light

CHF 3,350

September 27, 2021
Dimensions64 × 54 cm

The title of this painting shows: “Attracted to the light”.

Here’s to you who dares to shine the way you are.

Here’s to you knowing you make a difference by being you.


Acrylic painting on Claessens Canvas Painting cloth.

Here’s to you who are claiming your heart and your joy.

Here’s to you who are really devoted to your mission + vision. There you’ll meet your freedom.

Here’s to you who don’t judge yourself anymore, after having cried for a 1000 of times before, feeling the empowerment of knowing who you are.

Here’s to you who honor your own heart like a treasure.

Here’s to you the undeniable reminder of the energy this light adds to your journey.

Here’s to you who knows everything is all right, and contrast and confusion are only part of the process.

Here’s to you because you are valid, as well to the freedom that is yours, actually from birth.

Here’s to you for the whispers turning (tuning) your dreams into your assets.

Here’s to you for trust in the clear insights and confirmation of your journey.

Here’s to you knowing you’re exactly where you need to be and you are right on track every single day

Whispers to that light, the direction was found in your soul and heart.

Here’s to you who understand life is now.

Here’s to you who are human and believe in your own power no matter the circumstances.

Here’s to you my support for your daily training to pursue your goals because you can and will

Yes, this is you, the vibrant energy of knowing you are who you are and who you always were meant to be.


This is so exciting I need to share this!

September 27, 2021