Hoi Zäme R5D

CHF 225

December 12, 2019
Dimensions18 × 24 cm

Buy original artwork! We are all part of the community we take part in!

We are neighbors, we are friends, our children are in the same classroom, we share rides for mutual hobbies of the children from drop off and pick up.

You meet one another at the bakery, in a local shop or at the Dorfplatz.

Some people turn into marvelous friends and precious neighbors.

These artworks express appreciation for the people in your community and these special bonds between you and them. Sizes of one piece are 18x24cm, framed acrylic artwork.

Art connects! The same goes for the people you choose artwork to give as a present! Or for yourself out of appreciation for the added value you create for yourself at home in this community? Why not? Be inspired and show your support.

My website is a webshop, which makes it very comfortable to purchase artwork from your couch!

This is so exciting I need to share this!

December 12, 2019