Narchitektur Escher Wyss Platz Zürich (Nr 2/10 NAZH)

CHF 4,242

September 30, 2020
Dimensions 28 × 48 cm

“Narchitektur – Escher-Wyss-Platz”, nr NAZH 2/10, metal plate + stick, birch trunk, 28x 48cm, September 2020, 90mm frame, cable, moss, metal wire, balsa wood, acrylic, and mixed media on canvas, Sige Nagels.

3860 € / 4242 CHF comes as one total piece of the installation.

The installation can be purchased in total as well. Contact me at +41 78 944 77 30.

This particular piece is sold on the website of ‘Climanosco’ ‘dot’ ‘org’

Contact me if you would like to purchase this artwork, before the link to Climaonosco would be set up.

“Narchitektur” presented by Visual Artist Sige Nagels, for the exhibition 

‘Dear 2050: Humans respond to climate change’, organized by Climanosco.

Oct. 24 – Nov. 6, St Annagasse 11, Zürich, 2020

Join Sige on a walk through Zürich where she takes you into the near future, where her architect’s and artist’s design answers and addresses climate change.

Just like nature carries Zürich, this installation carries 3d compositions of architecture & nature of nine locations in the heart of the city. Combined with painting & collage, this experience opens doors in your mind, making you hold on to these imaginations and visualizations of how we can evolve our cities into sustainable versions for our children and for nature.

Walking the streets of Zürich afterward will make you see this new reality of ‘’Narchitektur’’ for yourself. You’ll want to share stories of your favorite look throughs with your beloved ones! It will make your dream almost real, you can touch it with your bare hands, and act upon it more.

The art installation went afterward to the rooftop of Hotel Sedartis, presenting my home town Thalwil this vision on the 21st of November, 2020.

English below

Esher-Wyss-Platz, Zürich: Dies ist einer der verkehrsreichsten Orte in der Stadt Zürich, der mehrere grosse Verkehrsströme verbindet. In dieser Realität erfahren die Fussgängerinnen und Fussgänger einen massiven Mehrwert durch naturüberdachte Konstruktionen, welche die Ablenkung durch ständig vorbeifahrende Fahrzeuge abschirmen. Die Natur bringt Präsenz und verbindet sich mit einer Energie, die man nur in der Natur findet… Fahren Sie mit dem Tram, wenn die Natur Ihnen zur Seite steht und Freizeit, Spiel und Verbindung zu sich selbst lenkt.

Ich sehe den Taxifahrer, wie er einem Fahrgast erklärt, welcher Lieblingsplatz nach dem Einbiegen in die Hardbrücke erscheinen wird. Ich sehe einen Haufen Freunde, die über Escher-Wyss nach Löwenbraukunst laufen, um die nächstbeste Ausstellung zu sehen, nachdem sie von der grünen Landschaft mitgerissen wurden, wo es früher nur grauen Beton gab.


Escher-Wyss-Square, Zürich: This is one of the busiest places in the city of Zürich connecting several big streams of traffic. In this reality pedestrians experience massive added value by nature-covered constructions, shielding the distraction of continuously passing vehicles. Nature brings presence and connects to the energy you only find in nature. Catching your tram when nature is just by your side, guiding leisure, play, and connection to yourself. 

I see the cab driver explaining to a passenger whose favorite spot will appear after taking the corner to Hardbrücke. I see a bunch of friends walking over Escher-Wyss to Löwenbraukunst to catch the next best exhibition, after being carried away by the green scenery, where there once was only grey concrete.