Narchitektur Rosengartenbrücke Zürich (Nr 3/10 NAZH)

CHF 4,942

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September 30, 2020
Dimensions28 × 48 cm

Sige Nagels

“Narchitektur – Rosengartenbrücke”, nr NAZH 3/10

  • 60cm x 60 cm metal plate + 20cm metal stick, 200cm birch trunk, diameter 10cm
  • architectural design 28x 48cm, 90mm frame 65 x 41cm
  • hinge, cable, moss, metal wire, balsa wood
  • acrylic and mixed media on canvas over Kapa fix plate
  • 30 September 2020
  • 4942 CHF comes as one total piece of the installation
  • transport in Switzerland included
  • The installation can be purchased in total as well. Contact me at +41 78 944 77 30.

“Narchitektur” presented by Visual Artist Sige Nagels, for the exhibition ‘Dear 2050: Humans respond to climate change’, organized by Climanosco, Oct. 24 – Nov. 6, St Annagasse 11, Zürich, 2020

Join Sige on a walk through Zürich where she takes you into the near future, where her architect’s and artist’s design answers and addresses climate change.

Just like nature carries Zürich, this installation carries 3d compositions of architecture & nature of nine locations in the heart of the city. Combined with painting & collage, this experience opens doors in your mind, making you hold on to these imaginations and visualizations of how we can evolve our cities into sustainable versions for our children and for nature.

Walking the streets of Zürich afterward will make you see this new reality of ‘’Narchitektur’’ for yourself. You’ll want to share stories of your favorite look-throughs with your beloved ones! It will make your dream almost real, you can touch it with your bare hands, and act upon it more.

The art installation was exhibited afterward on the rooftop of Hotel Sedartis, presenting my hometown Thalwil with this vision on the 21st of November, 2020.

Since then already several exhibitions were set up.

This is so exciting I need to share this!

September 30, 2020

English below

Rosengartenbrücke, Zürich: Diese Brücke überquert die Rosengartenstrasse als Verlängerung der Hardbrücke. Die Rosengartenstrasse führt massiven Verkehr und Schwertransporte in Richtung Norden. Ich habe eine grüne Röhre gebaut. Diese Konstruktion trägt die Natur, mit einem unterirdischen Fundament, das den gesamten sichtbaren Beton bedeckt. Dasselbe gilt für die Brücke. Die grüne Realität ist ein geschätzter Schutzschild für die Bewohner gegen den nicht enden wollenden Verkehrs- und Lärmstrom.

Ich kann einen älteren Mann sehen, der von seinem Küchenfenster aus die Vogellandschaft beobachtet, die sich auf den Winter vorbereitet. 

Ich sehe einen Vater und seinen Sohn auf der Brücke, die über die Rosengartenstrasse wachen und darauf zeigen, wo die Röhre mit dem Horizont verschmilzt, und ihre schöne Zeit geniessen. So sind beispielsweise die unter der Brücke befindlichen logistischen Dienste noch integriert.


Rosengarten bridge, Zürich: This bridge crosses over the Rosengartenstrasse as an extension from Hardbrücke. The Rosengartenstrasse carries massive traffic and heavy transport heading to the North. I made a green tube. This construction carries nature, with an underground foundation, covering all visible concrete. The same goes for the bridge. The green reality is an appreciated shield for the inhabitants against the never-ending stream of traffic & noise.

I can see an older man watching the scenery of birds preparing for winter right from his kitchen window. 

I see a father and his son on the bridge watching over the Rosengartenstrasse pointing to where the tube blends with the horizon, enjoying their quality time.

For example, logistical services located under the bridge are still integrated.