CHF 2,300

September 27, 2021
Dimensions 60 × 43 cm


The stunning city of Madrid set my soul on fire during a visit in August 2021; I realized that as humans, we are such valuable and extraordinary creatures, and it led me to create a new series of heart-led artwork, including this one, Resonance. 

I made this painting for you who are claiming back your joy, leading with your heart and allowing the whole experience of once again meeting with your freedom to resonate with your mission and vision for life. 

Your honored heart lets go of judgement, past mistakes and the tears already shed and replaces lovingly with the absolute knowing of who you are. You require no external validation; your journey has brought you home to the undeniable knowledge that you are the energetic creator of all that is within your experience. 

You trust this process of becoming. When confusion and contrast arise, you know all is well, and your journey will continue to unfold in perfect arrangement; your inner compass always knows the way. 

Freedom is found in the understanding that it’s always been yours to claim. The whispers of your heart have been preparing you for this time to turn your dreams into reality, to look within and find everything you ever needed was already there, waiting. 

Your power is limitless, your expansion inevitable, and it starts with the Resonance of your deepest desires and your innermost knowing that this is your time and you are free. 

 Acrylic painting by Sige Nagels, September 2021, on Claessens Canvas Painting cloth.

This is so exciting I need to share this!

September 27, 2021