CHF 11,660

January 16, 2020
Dimensions130 × 190 cm

This is my tallest painting so far.

Mixed media and acrylic paint on Claessens painting fabric.

This is so exciting I need to share this!

January 16, 2020

Size 1m30 x 1m90

Mixed media, acrylic painting on thick Claessens painting fabric, made in Belgium, tape 1, tape 2, no wooden frame. Easy to transport in a carton tube.

This artwork is called ‘Synchronicities’. Every time when there are many synchronicities happening, the one just comes relatively fast after the other, it has the meaning to me that I am right on my path in full and glorious alignment. This sequence brings me a lot of joy and I am very appreciative for this to be my reality then. This is exactly what this painting is about. Moving from one stage on your path to the other.  It is very freeing to produce artwork on such a scale. This is my tallest painting so far.

Furniture was moved aside, a larger wooden cabinet, in my living room to create space to paint on the tallest wall in the living room. Anyhow, I am still using that wall. I even moved some other furniture aside so I could paint on another wall in my living room as well.

I’d love to have a great studio with lots of light and space. Anyhow there is much comfort that comes from creating art in your living room.