This is how expansion feels like

Not available for purchase

September 27, 2021
Dimensions99 × 83 cm

The city of Madrid reminded me of what valuable creatures we are, therefore the title of this painting shows “This is how expansion feels like”.

Note: This artwork is temporary unavailable. It is being framed and prepared for an exclusive exhibition.

Visiting the city of Madrid, Spain, in August 2021.

This painting was created after deep confirmative and profound purposeful connections through art.


How close or near can you get to artworks made by your favorite painters? You stand in front of their artwork and you watch and observe everything in detail.


What I love experiencing is composition, draft lines, adjustments & the brush strokes of their hand moves while putting their deepest images, feelings, desires & creative expressions onto the canvas /wood planks  or whatever was used. 


The communication of intensity or softness of colors, forms, perspectives, negative space with ….. timelessness.


Most of these painters might not live anymore, yet the artwork & their messages prove they were here & lived a human life just like you & me right now.


So I listened to a voice formulating Kandinsky’s words while I was standing in front of one of his artworks in Thyssen. I knew exactly what he was talking about and referring to. #modernart


He described words reflecting his why & it aligned with the same frequency of my truth.


I felt it because it resonated with my essence. As hit by the struck.


I listened to it over & over & decided to go to the bathroom to record it!! 


After arriving at my studio again, here in Zurich, I could tap into a surreal ongoing river of creative flow.


The message was to allow to let things to happen. 


Just be the container of what comes through me & use my own ability to express. 


No resistance, not the minor sense of lack, only trust & massive enoughnessness to be & allow to unfold. 


That’s powerful. That’s what art is.


One of the biggest gifts to be alive, is to be able to share & connect with those of you to initiate the spark or stream of your own sense of purpose. 


A reminder to pursue your goals as it is your expansion which allows you to & you allowing your expansion!


As an artist I look forward to sharing more of these massive valuable art encounters.

This painting is your exclusive support as your daily reminder to pursue your precious goals as it is your expansion which allows you to.

Yes, this is how expansion feels!

This is how expansion feels, Sige Nagels, Acrylic painting on unstretched Claessens Canvas. Not available right now. The art is getting framed and prepared for exhibition.

Madrid’s fab  #goldentriangleofart

Museo del Prado, Museo Reina Sofia, Museo Thyssen Bornemisza

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This is so exciting I need to share this!

September 27, 2021