You, on top of your game

CHF 2,300

September 27, 2021
Dimensions60 × 43 cm

The title of this painting shows: “You, on top of your game”.

How do you feel about claiming your heart and your joy?

How does it feel being devoted to your mission + vision, knowing you’ll meet your freedom there and every day along your way your purpose?

How does it feel to not judge yourself anymore, after having cried 1000 times before, now only feeling the empowerment of knowing who you are.

This is for those of you who honor your heart.

This is your undeniable reminder of this thriving energy adding to your journey.

How trustful you feel knowing everything is all right and contrast & confusion are guidelines to your valuable process.

How peaceful it feels you are valid, as well to the freedom that is yours, actually from birth.

Following the soft whispers turning (tuning) your dreams into your assets.

Whispers to what you are seeking, leading you in the direction of your soul and heart.

This painting is for those who understand life is now.

Being human together yet believing in your own power.

This painting is your daily fun and thriving and training to pursue your goals.

This painting represents you on top of your game allowing your deepest desires to be who you always are meant to be.

Acrylic painting on Claessens Canvas Painting cloth.

This is so exciting I need to share this!

September 27, 2021