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The story of the artwork ‘Resonance’

Your innate power is limitless and your expansion is inevitable. Your deepest desires are the voice of your soul. Feel this is for you. Decide to trust your internal compass. Resonance means to flow with your essence. Step by step you walk into a life that represents freedom for you.

Your true gift? You become who you are. Outer circumstances are lessons to learn. Growing in resonance with your essence means feeling the direction of your freedom. Flow because life happens for you and through you. Feel that gratitude for this unfolding to become who you truly are.

Sige Nagels

The story of ‘Resonance’

During a visit to the stunning city of Madrid, art included, my soul was on fire in August 2021; I realized that we are such valuable and extraordinary creatures as humans.

It led me to create a new serie of heart-led artwork, including this artwork ‘Resonance’. Resonating is a powerful force. It is flowing with the universal consciousness and the collective energies.

I made this painting for those of you who are claiming your joy, contributing from your heart, and allowing yourself to reconnect with what freedom means to youallowing it to resonate with your mission and vision for life.

This painting is made for those of you who are honoring your heart and intuition. For those of you who feel confident after letting go of your own judgment from past experiences. For those of you who cried your tears. For those of you who grew, overcame & transformed.

For those of you where the understanding of who you are replaced the tears.

For those of you who feel fulfillment in the present moment.

This painting is for those of you whose journey has brought you home to the undeniable knowledge that you are the energetic creator of all that is within your experience.

You started trusting this process of becoming. Therefore you radiate. Then, when confusion and contrast arise, deep down you actually know all is well, and your journey continuously unfolds one step at a time; your inner compass always knows the way and guides you to perfect arrangement.

You feel as if you remember. The confirmation provides you with the confidence to trust everything and to surrender to the process even more.

Freedom is found in the recognition that it has always been yours to claim. The whispers of your heart prepared you for this. You are turning dreams into reality, committing, being persistent, and showing up.

By seeking within you find everything you ever needed even though it challenges you. My soul was there, lovingly waiting for me to come back to my self.

I made this painting for you because your power is limitless, your expansion inevitable, and you are allowing magic to occur to reflect your vision. You value the journey and the destination.

You operate from the way of certainty. You reconnect to your authentic self-image. You reintegrate flow in an effortless way of being.

Owning your destiny by resonating with your deepest desires, deciding this is your way, and supporting yourself to allow the magic of your subconscious mind to bring it into existence.

Wonderfully guided by your innermost knowing that no conditioning, limited behavior, nor any emotional state can insult your choice anymore to show up this way. Reconnect to the goal every time distractions are thrown at you.

Because this is your lifetime! By becoming the observer you became your true self and saved yourself lifetime solely for the life in which you became free.

Sige Nagels.

Your power is limitless, your expansion inevitable, and it starts with resonating with your deepest desires. This innermost knowing makes you understand that this path unfolds for you to be free.

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