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How many of you are aware that you have a bunch of things you believe, that is not true about you? I know I am. You too?

How many of you feel that your beliefs may contradict what you want? I know I feel this. You too?

How many of you are unaware that your beliefs might not be ‘yours’? Well, for some of you, that might be changing now.

Thank you for the daredevils here to be honest and answer these questions for you.

From the moment we are born till the age of 7, our beliefs are drilled into us by our environment, from school, parents, grandparents, family, friends and their families, caregivers, to culture, media, fairytales, MTV videos of our favorite songs, movies, Disney movies, the books we read, love songs, lyrics of songs, our favorite comics, …

A part of our mind is then just like a sponge, absorbing.

Why is this valuable to know? We need to learn & understand how our mind directs us because that is what is controlling everything. (every thing).

Even to the point of self-deception. I checked it to be clear: it means this involves convincing ourselves of a truth, or a lack of truth, so that one does not reveal any self-knowledge of the deception.

Any thoughts or beliefs put into our mind with repetition and a lot of emotion got deeply stored there.

The image you have of yourself, your self-image, is based on all these beliefs and values.

Only from the age of 7 do you start building a sense of self-identity. From then you are able to accept and/or reject thoughts and beliefs. Yet the foundation is set already.

Growing older and developing what we want for ourselves: we often feel a deep pull that the contradictory beliefs are even stronger than the beliefs you have to have to get what you want.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t know or understand, yet you surely experienced one of these:

// It is stopping you from doing what you want to do

// It is causing you to doubt and second guess

// It gets you off course from what it is you want to do

// Causing to make mistakes

// Causing to get involved with other people

// And so on

How does this show? Most often you don’t believe you can become the person that you need to become to do what you want to do.

What is the nudge here for you? Please, do realize that you are the person that wants to do what you want to do, otherwise, you wouldn’t want to do it and you wouldn’t have the thoughts in the first place.

So, refocus, and let’s restart: recall your desire & the image you created in your heart of what you want.

All right, so, what do you do in that case?

// Get your pen out and look at it is what you want

// Then you make a list of all the things that you believe are the reasons why you think you can not do it

// Then you sit with your list

// And come up with statements or a paragraph, with a maximum of two, with a new set of beliefs

// Just as the false beliefs were forced into you, you actually constantly spaced repeat the leveraging beliefs over into your subconscious mind.

// Combine this consciously with the feeling that you hold in your heart as who you see yourself deep inside of you be

// You will recreate new and supporting beliefs

Understand that most beliefs you hold are all man-made.

When you want to achieve what you never have done before, you have to believe it inside of you.

Just because you don’t believe, doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve it,

yet if you won’t create the belief in the first place, you won’t create the fact either.

A big problem that most people face is, there’s a big difference between thinking you can do it and believing you can do it.

The believing you can, happens at a subconscious level, that part that acted as the sponge between birth and you turning 7.

The subconscious mind is very dominant and steers 98-96% of everything (every thing) we do.

This is visible in 4 pillars in our life: the money we earn, our health, the purpose we live, and the quality of the relationships we experience (are they healthy or toxic?).

There are ways to work through what you want to experience in your life and one very valuable is: you have to believe it.

If there’s something I say that creates enough courage in you to take an action,

that creates a reaction, and sets you open for you to start believing: that’s the inertion to get moving.

I just have to get you to believe enough to make a step.

How long have you been wanting to experience your personal freedom? Years? Decades?

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Sige Nagels

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