Let’s talk about what you want

This is an invitation for persistent people to get the success they want.

Breaking free of habitual thinking and learning to navigate our inner emotional state is key to the freedom we desire.

As the next logical step, I help those ready worldwide to understand who you will become to make you the confident, independent person or entrepreneur people admire.

There’s a wise order in doing things in a specific way for your mind to step away from past mental patterns to constructively steer thoughts, feelings, actions, and results eventually, on the personal or business level. Make your mind the obedient server!

You may know me already as a stunning visual artist. Through my expressive work, I open people’s hearts for artwork to represent their dreams, connecting them to their freedom to provide a TRUE expression OF SELF and ITS INHERENT value.

Through this process, I found a passion in guiding others to open their minds, look at their dreams and aspirations, and help them get what they want.

I was taught to guide myself, and I am keen to help you see the real reasons why you don’t do what you tell yourself to do or get your desired results. I guide you on how to think and take action to become who you need to be to achieve your goals. You can self-regulate and support yourself in your growth! It’s your responsibility towards the life you envisioned for yourself. You are worth it!

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“If I want to be free, I’ve gotta be me. Not the me I think you think I should be. Not the me I think my wife thinks I should be. Not the me I think my kids think I should be. But if I want to be free, I’ve gotta be me. So I’d better know who me is.”

Bob Proctor

Who are you?

Watch Sige’s introduction to the stick person

Explained as your thinking and emotional mind, with feelings, actions and results.
That’s you. As much as that’s me. On human potential there’s nothing secret to it, though it’s called The Secret Genie, drawn first in 1934 by Dr. Fleet. Enhance your abilities! Understanding and applying this transforms the course of your life as it did for millions and millions of individuals and corporations since then.

Are you …

  • Staking your hopes for success by just trying a bit harder?
  • Frustrated you can do better?
  • Steering your future coming from your past?
  • Burning out your relationships and/or your business?
  • Resisting because of your perceived inability to reach your goals?
  • Staying in or thrown into your comfort zone over and over because of the fear of the unknown?
  • Thinking you don’t know enough?
  • Feeling unworthy of all the good, love and/or money there is for you?
  • Feeling unable to steer your mind?
  • Wanting to go from A to B but don’t know how?
  • Feeling unconfident because of failures in the past?
  • Procrastinating?
  • Hard on yourself?
  • Feeling stuck and unable to break out of the cycle?
  • Feeling ashamed and/or guilty of past failures?
  • Thinking something is wrong with you?

I’ve got a cure for that! I help you to…

  • Understand how to get the best out of yourself
  • Know how to stop steering your future coming from your past
  • Understand WHO you need to become to reach your goals
  • Follow a working solution to what your outcome will be 
  • Study yourself so you know who you truly are
  • Understand who you are to become who you always wanted to be
  • Understand your inner emotional state and habituated thinking
  • Stop avoiding and get you steadily moving towards your solution
  • With your abilities to self-regulate
  • Experience balance in your life
  • Get the success you want
  • Move with impact
  • Move beyond your comfort zone
  • Steer your fears and doubts

During and after the process?

  • You are going to love the version of who you become
  • You become more and more aware of who you deeply are
  • You understand this is lifelong learning, and you can always do better
  • You take some time each day to study you
  • You are investing in your well-being by prioritising yourself to grow into the new version of yourself.
  • You are healing your past.
  • You are going to sleep well and have lots of energy
  • You are going to move with purpose and impact
  • You and your environment will be positively impacted
  • You turn gradually into the you that you’ve always wanted to be
  • You begin to move beyond your comfort zone depending on your investment time
  • You see yourself taking different and positive actions
  • Your attitude shifts
  • You compound your effectiveness
  • You move into action
  • You function in harmony
  • You quiet your mind to take better actions
  • You make life more meaningful
  • You learn how to fulfil your needs relying upon yourself
  • You approach life from a place of power over force


Reread. I’m possible.

How long are you going to wait?

If you are like me, and I’m like most people, I knew something had to change, and I didn’t know what that was or where to start for a long time. I grew sick and tired of the hit and miss, and I had to reinvent myself multiple times.

Understanding who you are with the help of self-regulating tools, brings wisdom and knowing. This is just a matter of being taught.

Everyone has bad days, but too many bad days can become a prolonged emotional state that we are not aware of. The great news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. It doesn’t need to take so long to make a change.

You know what?

Most people think that the solution to their problem must take the same amount of time it took to create and/or experience it. I am here to tell you: that’s not true!

Let me guide you through this Lives-Changing Toolbox, so you understand how to self-regulate. I know that you can do this! Allow me to believe in you until you believe in yourself.

I suggest you ask yourself two questions?

Do you want it?
Are you willing to commit to it?

Two questions for yourself to decide upon. Resistance shows up?

See, we are not taught to make decisions. Either you’re doing this naturally or you are taught to do so. You will learn to decide in this Lives-Changing Toolbox before your emotional mind and beliefs throw roadblocks on your path regarding your goals again.

Are you ready to help yourself tackling what is not working?

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Who is Sige?

Sige Nagels (Antwerp, ° 1977) graduated as an engineer-architect and worked on a promising career in the construction sector for many years. As a project manager, she ran construction sites worth millions – and she did well. But what seemed like a success story for the outside world didn’t feel like a success for Sige.

A move to Zurich – and a welcome leave to have her three children combined with integration living abroad – initially brought Sige peace of mind. After some time, having put the care for her family front and centre, co-founding a volunteering organisation in Zürich, being part of the board of a local Verein and training for a marathon, she embarked on something that meant the world to her, becoming a visual artist.

A creative mission that had been hiding under her skin for a long time was making its way to the surface, and she finally decided to make it happen during Zurich Manifesta 2016. She devoted herself to painting in the only way Sige knew: with 100% pure dedication.

“In order to be free, I’ve got to be me”.

Following burnout beginning in 2007, Sige became interested in personal development, an avid learner and creator of her vision. Setting her dreams in motion and seeing the results manifest resulted in a deep desire to see others create the same for themselves.

There’s a way to understand who you are, your behavioural thinking, how to self-regulate, and turn into the person you need to become to get you the results you want.

So, ask yourself what do you really, really want?

You CAN become who you always dreamed you could be. You can have complete trust in your abilities, lean into your intuition, and act confidently. Are you ready to step away from your old patterns of self? To live a life, so far you have only dreamed of?

Get ready to meet yourself, maybe for the first time truly, and learn who you are. With that knowledge, you can begin to tackle old behavioural patterns and steer your life circumstances from a place of clarity. From here, what were once considered significant challenges are much more easily surmountable, and your life can indeed start.

If you’re ready to take the step and decide to make the rest of your life the best of your life, I am here to guide you. It’s time to fall in love with your life!

What is Thinking into Results? Interview with Sandy Gallagher

Bob Proctor partnered with Sandy Gallagher in PGI, The Proctor Gallagher Institute. Sandy Gallagher was interviewed by Larry King. ‘Thinking Into Results’ is talked about here. This is exactly what I guide you through. Reach out when you are open to being trained to live your life the way only you can imagine for yourself!

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