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You can’t let yourself off the hook.

Sure, you can create the life of your dreams. On any of these 4 important pillars in your life: relationships, wealth, health, and purpose. 

Does it ask for courage? Discipline? Belief? Trust? New skills? Consistency? Commitment? Leadership? Reliability to yourself? Taking actions out of your comfort zone? Sure.

Is it painful? Depends. It asks honesty to look at yourself and/or to reflect behavior that you actually don’t want to look at. 

And yes, this might feel very uncomfortable at first. Yet only as long as you are not willing to look at it. Aha.

The longer you don’t want to observe what is causing you your pain, the more painful it gets. Obviously.

Consider this perception: This is actually a great thing because it means you are your own solution. 

In society when we sincerely express ‘taking control of our life’, most of us desire to ‘not have to rely’ on others and or to ‘not have to let responsibility’ be taken by others.

What does this mean for you? It means your opportunities are yours. 

The most significant step is the first awareness, so you can see for yourself you are able to change your perception in a beneficial and leveraging way. 

You grow in it and grow through it. When you are committed, this happens in such a profound way that you don’t hold yourself back any longer, or when you did: not for long.

When you want to, you don’t have to repeat your past till you die.

When you want to, I help you profoundly understand your behavioral thinking, and feeling, and take action. How your conscious and subconscious mind operates together. 

Are you having no clue how this could even help you with what you are experiencing now? The more you need this!

If only the circumstances would change then… See, this is the problem of the chicken and the egg.

What came first?

When you learn to understand your thoughts, feelings, actions, and results you remember how you are able to steer yourself through transformation and change. For ever.

Since change is the only constant, you are powerful while you are self-sovereign.

If you feel relief to rely on yourself for your growth and take the responsibility to change and transform situations, you move up and ahead the whole time. 

In case you don’t feel the relief I refer to, then, well, it’s gonna take you a while.

You don’t have to if you don’t want to, yet it is massively useful if you desire to create the life of your dreams. Private message me OYD now (Own Your Destiny) and claim your personal coaching call.

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