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VIDEO: Narchitektur: Rooftop, Hotel Sedartis, Thalwil

Click this video, to move through the installation of NARCHITEKTUR, Sunday the 22nd of November, 15h00.

This is what people were guided through during the vernissage the 21st of November. All the restrictions of the BAG taken into account of course. This was the second exhibition in a row for NARCHITEKTUR.

Click here to watch my PowerPoint of a plenary talk I did in 8001 Zürich on November the 5th, Sint Annagasse 11 for Climanosco and the Sint Anna Forum. Understanding my 3 inspirations how I came up with Zürich being carried by nature is truly inspiring.

Zürich carried the opening of NARCHITEKTUR. Videos of all 10 pieces of the installation were made at location. In that video I explain every design and its location, guided by the curator and the organisation by a professional camera.

The footage is currently processed into a website narchitektur dot ch. Interested? Please I appreciate you getting in contact with me directly over mail@sigenagels.com or 078 944 77 30.

I am more than eager to explain to you the principles of NARCHITEKTUR:

  • Where there is a lot of traffic of cars, public transport, trucks, there is a distraction, noise, and emission of CO2. In the design, these roads with a lot of traffic are guided by metal walls with nature incorporated. It takes all drawbacks away by reconnecting and redirecting different streams of traffic, bicyclists, pedestrians, people living and working at that spot
  • Participants are redirected more intuitively through gardens on several levels, making space for social functions, because traffic tends to overrule social functions taking place naturally.
  • In Switzerland, residential areas located their parking lot underground. Besides buildings, there are private and public gardens, play squares, threes, bushes, parks….. This principle created the leveled gardens in NARCHITEKTUR.
  • Zürich signed a goal to lower the temperature rising in the city during summer. Of course, you need trees to prevent concrete and asphalt from heating. Because a city is built during ages, the infrastructure of the city does not allow to plant trees everywhere. A city is a net of social functions. We live and work there. The human aspect of a city expands by being connected. We buy stuff in a city. We meet up. We create history in a city and the city does this with its people.
  • Combining nature and architecture creates woven structures. Implementing those in the infrastructure of a city, as a city is today, you offer answers that address climate change straight away. 
  • You don’t need to deconstruct areas to create new ones to address climate change. The win-win lies in the combination to integrate nature and its qualities into our cities and it’s history.

The installation is created with birch trunks to show you the city of Zürich, in nine locations, is carried by nature.

We can think about this and be doing nothing. It is all in the doing, taking inspired action and taking radical responsibility.

Thank you for opening these doors in your mind and for being guided by me with examples, as positive answers for a city addressing climate change straight away. Yes!

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“Making art, creating things is my contribution to this ongoing debate of freedom”, Sige Nagels, Visual Artist

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