Exhibition, Antwerp, BE: Are you awake? Last week of the exhibition started!

Hi, art lover! Nothing ever is what it seems, for real, though this exhibition comes to an end.

Are you awake? You better are!
Get up! It’s the last week of my first solo show ever.

Time to visit and buy before a part of my artwork moves back to Switzerland. Yes, they do!
The exhibition is called: NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS. FOR REAL.

Because that’s the way it all is. You better get used to it, haha, instead of being surprised. Roll with it and life gets so much better!

This picture was made on the 4th of June, working on this artwork in my studio in Gattikon Switzerland, up in the attic. This work developed itself into acrylic and mixed media artwork. It was finished in July 2019.

The artwork is titled: ”Ticket to birth number 2 / Untitled Marianne”, Artist Sige Nagels, size 60x 50cm.

Only looking back for less than 3 months, I’m extremely proud of the experiences happened since then.

YOU, the people I met, the exchange there was, the inspiration we all bring together and share. This world rocks!

Also, you would like to take part in this exhibition? Well please, be welcome and visit, while sharing a nice meal with that one friend you wanted to meet up with this summer!

Where? Restaurant De Rosenobel, located 50 meters to your left of the main entrance of the Cathedral of Antwerp. Opens at 18u daily, only not open on Wednesday!

Support your local and/or emerging artist.

Yes, time to go to your next best thing. It’s right over here!

Looking forward,






























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