Acryl und Mixed Media, Titel: ‘Freedom for Me’, 35x45 cm, 5. July 2019, Künstlerin Sige Nagels: Mischtechnik, Acryl, Markierer, Stoffe, Klebeband, Bleistift, Aquarelltechnik, Drath auf Leinwand schwebend ausgeführt mit einem 90mm vertieften Holzrahmen, vorsehen von Museumglass.

Video of an artwork in progress: Diversity in my painter’s atelier – Painting: Freedom for me

Proud sharing you this video from a specific process of one painting I made in Zürich, 🇨🇭Switzerland, shown in Antwerp, 🇧🇪 Belgium, right now. Called ‘Freedom for me’, 35x 45cm, made by me, July 2019.  

I make strong colored abstract paintings about freedom. Freedom on several levels.  

This painting is called this way because of the multiple approaches. Sewing by hand is a way of incorporating another dimension in the artwork as well as another story. The scissors I am using is for cutting fabric in tiny triangles.  

I use this fabric as a referral to a friend of mine which used to give me fabric as inspiration for my artwork. Marianne and her dad used a lot of fabric to make artwork themselves during their lives.  

The fabrics, made in Switzerland, were bought in Thalwil during the midst of the 20th century. I live in Gattikon. Gattikon is a part of Thalwil.  

This artwork is framed floating. I painted the back of the treated canvas fabric of Claessens because I like to see and experience the fabric wires being bound.  

By painting at the non-treated side of the fabric, the fabric starts to curve as a reaction of the moist that comes with the acrylic paint. Instead of wrapping it over a canvas and forcing & stretching the fabric, the edges were kept free-floating in space.  

This artwork comes framed covered with museum glass. By day it looks like there is no glass in front at all. Like you can touch the artwork.  

This artwork is part of my solo show in Antwerp @Restaurant The Rosenobel till the end of August.

Where? In the heart of Antwerp: 50 meters to the left of the main entrance of the Antwerp Cathedral.  

Click this link  for more info visiting my solo show till the end of August!!  

Here at my facebook page, you are able to watch this video at full length.  

Talk to you soon,


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