Sculpture PRIME TOWER Sige Nagels 2020 Oktober


This is our solution to nature and architecture integrated into the infrastructure of your city!

Let me invite you over to this new website: NARCHITEKTUR.CH

Discover 9 video’s in English & German for the heart of the city of Zürich. Or any city!

Why? All knowledge and wisdom to provide cities answers to address climate change all already known.

Why? To inspire you and to encourage you to believe and build these futures with me too.

What do we need? Radical responsibility in our decision to execute and to build!

For I know these representations are executable, I had to express my know-how through this artistic expression.

Will Zürich be the first city to create the added value the inhabitants are craving for and the world will Zurich admire for?

Sculpture PRIME TOWER Sige Nagels 2020 Oktober

Do you want to see this built in your city too?

The world is ours!

Determined? You can reach me at mail @ or through the contact form on this site.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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