How I was looking for ways to get things out of my mind into reality

Turning Ideas into Reality – Creating of NARCHITEKTUR.CH – May 2020

You can get a grasp on how I was looking for ways to get things out of my mind into reality.

I took this picture 2 years + 4 months ago. Yes, it was May 2020, during the full pandemic, indeed.

Green visionary ideas for the city of Zurich called Narchitektur.

The concept is applicable for any city.

I was stuck at some point that all of my creations needed to have the same scale of execution.

I also was still thinking of doing one big vertical wall representation of the city of Zurich, which was also not very realistic.

I just trusted the process that at some point it would make sense.

One of my business besties replied: Sige, why do all the pieces have to have the same scale?

Ping! Oh my gosh!!

I had to cut it into 9 designs / concepts/ sculptures. I saw I had to deal with them one piece at a time, each on its own scale.

One big puzzle was solved by cutting it into pieces. Dude, that’s the same way you solve things in life, I can tell myself now!

Well, if you go to via my link in bio and you take a view of the 9 green executable designs, you’ll see.

This was all once a vision in my head.

I know this is how Zürich is going to evolve because it’s the future! It takes some time before old patriarchal structures get moving.

You are a fond believer in nature in cities as a sustainable solution?

Purchase a signed & framed limited edition print!

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Narchitektur is an executable framework implemented in the infrastructure and concrete areas of cities to reintegrate nature and quality of life. No sweeping away. Integrating!

Check narchitektur dot ch or click this link!

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