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On the Cover of The Female CEO Magazine


Oh my gosh! I am reviewing my last few months and I forgot to share this fantastic win!

I was on the cover of the magazine ‘The Female CEO’ with a galvanizing article about how I contribute to your journey, to this world, and why.

For those in here who follow me now, let me introduce myself.

My name is Sige, I am a facilitator, an artist, a visionary, a change maker, and an NFT Investor.

Prioritizing freedom for + 9 years, I help women entrepreneurs & women in transformation, art lovers, and environmental change makers to the presence of choice, trust their intuition to become who they indeed are.

I am high on people living a life of freedom. Your mind is powerful. I facilitate YOU on how to use it to its fullest extent to YOUR precious outcomes.

Around the world, together we helped myriad women business owners & women in transition to own their destiny, by achieving their true potential & living their freedom.

What is in it for you?

° You understand who you are
° You gain laser clarity on what you really want for yourself in your life
° You develop new ways of thinking
° You are taught how to take new practical steps in your life
° You are taught how to go beyond your fear
° With clarity & simplicity, you find new ways at looking at yourself
° You receive your blueprint for your desired outcomes

Click this link here to read the article.

Are you interested in learning more? Reach out to me. Thank you.

Some more facts: I am the founder of narchitektur.ch & co-founder of the charity organization Zharity.ch – I transform leading construction sites into art sculptures reintegrating nature into the architecture of our cities – I ran multiple marathons – I travel.

🎯 As an architect of life, you and I cornerstone watertight perspectives into your deeply cherished results to own your destiny

PS: After reading the article, come back to find out: Do you love to know what you really, really, really want? Check this link on my website. You’ll be extremely grateful you did!! Talk soon!


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