STATEMENT: KICK OFF: Climanosco, St. Anna Gasse, Zürich

Narchitektur is an art installation that opens doors in your mind. Especially living and/or working in Zürich, Switzerland.

Narchitektur is applicable architectural design under the form of an art installation: Combining nature and architecture into a woven structure being integrated into the existing infrastructure of the city, yes, as the city is right now.

This way we are addressing climate change immediately. We are not destroying our beloved cities as an answer to climate change. We make them resilient, adapt them for our better future for our children.

I truly believe and inspire others in this to understand we are having an immediate answer to address climate change, and because I work and live here, these designs are incorporated in the infrastructure of Stadt Züri, yes, the city of Zürich.

I asked my followers on my social media platforms which places in Zürich people like to see more green.

I added my own challenging locations in the city as well to create 9 artworks plus a legend like an architectural design plan offers as well.

The locations are Prime Tower, Bahnhofbrücke, Sechseläutenplatz, Helvetiaplatz, Hardbrücke Bahnhof, Münsterhof, Rosengartenbrücke, Escher Wyss Platz, Langstrasse SBB depot.

The interpretation of birch trunks carrying the framed 2 and 3-dimensional designs is for the city of Zürich to be carried by nature. How powerful our cities may be today, being carried and supported by nature only makes a city and its people more resilient, sustainable, and even more powerful.

My goal is to get this art installation in front of as many people from different communities as possible. I would like to discuss the possibilities of showing this body of artwork in your space eventually.

Write me at mail@sigenagels.com to send you a proposal document for a show.

I am happy to come and meet you or to have a phone call so we can discuss this further.

SechseläutenPlatz, Zürich Narchitektur.ch Sige Nagels
SechselautenPlatz, Zürich Narchitektur.ch Sige Nagels

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