Video: Moving through a surreal painting!

VIDEO MESSAGE: Hi! Sending you massive good vibes from the middle of nowhere. Yes, indeed, the middle of nowhere of Fuerteventura! 🤩 bringing you a volcano scenery with vibrant energy.

Don’t you like to know how this would make you feel and how this looks like?

Being here it feels like moving through a surreal painting! Watch for the sign of the dead-end street shown in the first video.

I would like to share this spectacular experience with you!

Watch how extremely beautiful and desolate this is. I call it unforgiving to be living here.

Betancuria, a national park, is located in Fuerteventura, an island in the Canary Islands, belonging to Spain. This island is formed by erupted volcano magma from millions of years ago. The mountains used to be higher on a much wider plateau, up till 2000m. A huge part of the center, near the actual Betancuria, slide into the ocean at the Eastside, also million years ago.

All Canary islands own very diverse vegetation. This is the island with almost no trees, unless for some palm trees and some more (and beautiful ones!!!). Most sand is actually as hard as rock. Not so many farmers here. Farming must happen smart and extremely dedicated, way more than elsewhere. Water isn’t supplied everywhere. Actually a lot of plantations grow aloe vera for export.

There’s this saying, Fuerteventura, you love it or you hate it ♥️❤️ and as you can tell, I’m loving it!

Enjoy this surreal experience!

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