No advice required for the young at heart

I believe in the future. The future of our world will be better than the day before today.

I believe this will be the case. There is this world wide web to learn from another, to inspire each other, to show good and bad. We engage. We know more. Our world only ever needed a tiny percentage of thoughtful and committed people to make a positive change. Look how change flourishes today.

The majority of the people in our world don’t allow bad to rule their life either. How different we all could seem. We learn to take care of ourselves better than we ever did before. How cool is that!! We check in with friends, family and people who could know better. We all share. We all care. We all seek. We all learn. Development is what bonds people who are young at heart. Perhaps the older at heart forgot along the way. Sure, indeed, life is not easy! Life experience is a reward as well. Appear! Don’t allow your courage to shrink. Please, time is limited and those young at heart might need you.

All kinds of people who are young at heart play and play intense. Their playful hearts make them jump for joy and make them courageous. Watch them play and exceed. They try and go for new things, jump up to brew on new ideas, combine the uncombined, sow new achievements for their future and come up with a new world after a while. Even though they don’t have a clue of the outcome. Fail is a part of that script. Of course they turn sad, mad and angry. Who would not?  They dare to trust their guts and keep inventing, until plans feel good and fit. Impossible is not a true word in a dictionary of those young at heart. It was only picked up along the way while growing up.

Those young at heart break rules, dare to go beyond, achieve by change and adapt. Not much time to be stuck on the same page. ”What do you mean by the same page?” You see, an idea that could pop-up in their mind easily. Indeed, their energy and curiosity doesn’t allow them any other way. Therefore I dare to speak out very loud: no advice for the young at heart, because they will do stunningly great, and our future world with them.

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