Hi, I am very proud to be chosen as an ‘object’ by a friend!

Look at this: Künstlerin aus Leidenschaft

By clicking this link you read a blogpost from an artist about me as an artist.

Birgit Mantek asked me to cooperate for her final examination for her Professional Photography Class 2017/18 of the Foto Cap Schule in Zürich in Stadelhofen, Zürich.

Birgit came over to visit me in my atelier, while I was working on one of my acrylic paintings. We had this wonderful exchange about art and what it is to be creative or to create, why you should or when you could name yourself an artist, how you focus as an artist, all sort of conceptions and interpretations. The most important thing is, it is mostly for all artists the same. How it is to find your own voice and to be the person you would like to be in a world that is constantly trying to mould you into something or somebody else.

Being able to create is a life saver for all creatives!

Birgit told me she would first come along and see how I would feel, painting and being photographed at the same time. I felt completely at ease with her in my studio. I knew I would first of all, being a friend. I was a bit insecure on the other hand, because I am not the most photogenic person on this planet. Because Birgit and her camera are just there with you in the moment, capturing the artist as she or he is, it went all well from the first time.

Dear Birgit, I would like to thank you for your stories, time, interest, the exchange and the process of creating these pictures and of course your friendship. I will treasure all of them along my way. I wish you loads of good luck being a stunning photographer. Way to go!

Coming weekend there will be an exposition for all Professional Photography Class 2017/18 Students for the Cap Schule Zürich.

When? Saturday 3oth of June, Sunday the 1st of July from 13h-19h

Where? Stadelhoferstrasse 28.2, 8001 Zürich

Meet Birgit there or me! More over here: Cap Works Portfolio Days 2018

Wishing you a beautiful day!


And this was the picture exhibited. Proud!


Spread the vibes
Spread the vibes – Picture Credit: Birgit Mantek

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