Ticket to birth

CHF 3,850

December 7, 2018
Dimensions80 × 100 cm

This is so exciting I need to share this!

December 7, 2018

Ethics cropped from esthetics. That is what this artwork is about.

I truly think we all are equal.

We’re all brotha’s and sista’s loving the precious people in our life and living on this same precious planet.

Earning money to take care of ourselves, the people we love most, our dreams and to support what matters to us.

Making the best out of this life. Sharing the vibrant energy of who we truly are.

Experiencing adventures that add to the beautiful world we live in.

And so much more.

Come on humans, people who say we all are not the same to our core, are really not looking properly.

The place where you are born somewhere on this planet has a huge impact on the amount of freedom you experience during your early stages of life or sadly enough, sometimes your whole life.

Even before being born, inequality of freedom is real.

There’s a lot of ethics that come with this problem as well. Therefore I collaged it into the painting, starting from the word ‘esthetics’.

#watchwithyourheart #equality #freedom #freiheit #freiheitskämpfer