Gifts of grief art class with Sige

ART THERAPY: Loss: the wheel rolls when you’re lovingly guided. Brave!

Book your time slot:

Wednesday 27 January: 9h-13h30 with a 30 min break in between

Thursday 28 January: you choose your 4 hours anytime form 9h till 18h

Friday 29 January: 9h-13h30 with a 30 min break in between

Saturday 30 January: you choose your 4 hours anytime form 9h till 20h

Sunday 31 January: you choose your 4 hours anytime form 9h till 20h

Did you step forward into the new year feeling empowered? 🙋Or rather overwhelmed? The latter? You don’t need to, at all!!!

đź–Ś In Switzerland, and in many other countries too, we are in a second lockdown since the 18th of January. Therefore adjusting my services to you felt like the proper step to get your needs met. The art therapy classes ‘Gifts of Grief’ turned into zoom classes. Well, I am not reinventing the wheel on this level. Right?

The wheel starts turning when you are lovingly guided on a brave level: Grief! Why? Honestly, loss is not often spoken about. Being aware you are mourning on one or more levels makes such a big difference. It makes you realize that creating the space to move on instead of holding on to what once was, is what you desire to finally shake it off or better let this become a part of your country of peace. After that comes a welcomed new layer of freedom.

Grief is part of daily life for the whole globe, especially in this pandemic time. People tend to process this rather secretly or worse, sometimes we don’t even know how to start to process this at all. This is where I support you.

Did you know art is a true savior to process feelings about loss, grief and unmet desires? The process of loss is touched on a deep and completely other level. That is where the art comes in. You’ll even be creating it yourself. How freeing this would be?! What about reinventing yourself on that level?

Understandably, some people tend to feel more comfortable making space for loss privately, instead of in a small group, therefore I offer you one on one zoom calls. At your convenience.

Are you having the guts to plan a batch of 4,5 hours of your time in your schedule? We take two sessions of two hours with a 30 minute break. I am here for you. Does it linger?

This is not for people who think: been there, done that. This is not for people thinking: oh, gosh, we’re not opening that door again! When there is resistance, well, probably it is there because there is some hidden message lying underneath.

I trust on your gut feeling that you probably know, way better than I do, that you deeply desire to make space for this. Well, if not now in lockdown, when you are going to listen to your gut feeling? Get this wheel turning! One degree at a time.

I empower you by being creative, empowering you in your source energy, connecting to yourself, empowering your confidence, empowering what is important to you. This is a gift to you.

Are you ready for this private grief alchemy session?

This workshop is priced 290 swiss francs. We start the course after payment. We can use twint as well.

What do you need before we start this one on one session?

  • A tool to paint upon (that can be anything, from plexiwood, paper, canvas to cartonboard)
  • Brushes, an apron, yourself, cups for water, an old cloth to dip your brushes
  • Acrylic paint, soft pastel, aquarel, oil pastel, …
  • Collage paper, tape, wire, lime, or anything you think is awesome to integrate in your artwork, like letters, pictures, pieces that mean a lot, you name it.

Do you miss someone very much? Have you been dealing with loss? Were you let go of your job? Did you have to say goodbye to your beloved pet? Were you leaving a friendship? Have you lost a friend? Someone who has been very devoted to your heart? You had to let go of your treasured marriage? Your beloved partner? Or your unconditional beloved child? Do you desire to connect deeply with the power that once was very strong in you? This one on one course is for you! Together we grant ourselves this time and space! Do something unique for your soul!

Allow me to guide you

To reserve your space and allow me to lovingly hold you in this process, write to me at

If you would like to know more about me, allow me to introduce myself here, and if you have any questions, please reach out and I would love to learn more about you and your journey.

I am looking forward to people who bend, sometimes truly devastating, experiences to steel and power to be the empowered version you are.

Yes, I am ready to step forward into this covid times feeling truly empowered!

The newest brave version of you

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