Diversity = Mixed Media: Freedom at the wall

Proud sharing you another process picture of a painting I made in Zürich, Switzerland, shown in Antwerp,  Belgium, right now.

I paint about freedom. Freedom on several levels.

The finished version of this piece, 35x 45cm, is called ‘Freedom for me’. It’s called this way because of the several approaches regarding this artwork. Sewing by hand is a way of incorporating another dimension in the artwork as well as another story. I use this fabric as a referral to a Swiss friend of mine which used to give me fabric as inspiration for my artwork. Marianne and her dad used a lot of fabric to make artwork themselves during their lives. The fabrics, made in Switzerland, were bought in Thalwil during the midst of the 20th century.

I treasure sewing. I made clothes for children in 2009 and 2010. So, therefore, I definitely prefer to sew these fabrics by hand and not to glue them on the canvas fabric. I am fond of handmade work myself.

This artwork is framed and to see in my exposition in Antwerp in Restaurant The Rosenobel till the end of August.

Where? In the heart of Antwerp: 50 meters to the left of the main entrance of the Antwerp Cathedral.

It was shown at first in my first group exhibition, the last week of July, in Antwerp in the Kloosterstraat.

These are very exciting times for my artworks and me. I am happy to share them with you!

👉 Click this link to find out more about the current exhibition.

Wishing you a nice day!

Talk to you soon,

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