Breaking patterns + stay close to yourself: Added value at your home with the energy I produce my artwork

Hi! My artworks are part of your dinner at restaurant De Rosenobel in Antwerp for 16 days to come!! Then the artworks are gone. Experience and enjoy!

I paint about freedom on several layers. The same goes for the decisions I take to make my artworks. My approach on how to make art is free of boundaries and is very close to my self. There’s no art school voice holding me back from what shouldn’t be done. Only 10% of the people buying art think an art degree is of importance anyway.

No boundaries, but for sure I know what I am doing. I am a self-taught artist and many architects were freeing the path before. Yes, of course, you can buy an artwork and lift up your living space with the energy I make it. It’s all in there and you’ll feel it. You see the process, the creation. The diversity creates depth and you add the stories you see. Every time again. You and I, we make this story together. Day by day. You see it by standing in front. That’s the way how you experience art. How there is exchange and you are undenyingly in it. Boom!

By mutual support and lifting up each other we do make this world a better place. Boom! Boom!

Talking about lifting up one another, last Tuesday we gathered together for a rather informal Artist’s Table with our entrepreneurial Surf Your Way out buddies.

We met for the first time ever at the end of May this year in France, Mimizan. We were surfing and merged ocean therapy in our lives again that week. This ocean experience creates buddies like family. I am extremely appreciative for experiences like these and way more to come. Thank you for being who you are, for showing up and supporting me (as so many of you are supporting me!!) 🙏

Wishing you a nice and warmhearted day!
@ Rosenobel

Talk to you soon,


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