Hi, nice to share you my artwork in progress! I made this movie today to share you this process.

Do switch on the microphone for full experience. This is the music playing in my atelier right now. Enjoy!

Yesterday you could see a picture on my Insta page (here) showing a corner of this artwork. This work has been unfinished from somewhere 2017. I was not sure if it would stay unfinished like that for ever. Yesterday I picked it up again and enjoyed the complete different vibe! This video shows the process of today. Credits for the music: “Caravan – Beat-A-Max – Ebm of Clockwork Records”

I assure you, I still don’t know how it will look like once finished! Let me know in the comments, when you are curious with me!

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See you and kind regards,

Sige Nagels

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Wishing you a nice day! Looking forward meeting you 🙂